How to write about Kenya in 2015

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How timely don’t you think. Living in the wake of a digital government…

Well Kenyans, we seem to have found ourselves in a rather 90’s predicament. And I’m not talking about fashion trends that require you to unzip your ass to pee. No. I am talking about the ever so dubious condition of needing to watch what we say. In case He Who Shall Not Be Named pulls out his wand to conjure up a De-Undermining Spell.

It’s not quite like the 90s though. These days we have oh so many places to speak our minds. The jostling ADHD inflicted Twitter streets, where it’s not about the length, but what you do with it. Reminds me of a time lapse video I once saw of a train station in China. So many people rushing, rushing, rushing, a blur of irritation and anticipation, anxiety and excitement, the dreary and the robotic all smashed together in a de-humanised high speed clash of single minded journeying. Then…

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