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They say if you don’t know where to start, start exactly where you are with what you have. And I have pretty nails (if I do say so myself). The nails on my left are the fairest of my ten keratin friends. Together they bring you the inaugural brand chat 

Nail Polish. My interaction with cosmetics began when I was in primary school. An aunt of mine was living with us at the time she was studying at Ashley’s Beauty School. While I never took to the whole trade, making up nails did intrigue me. Manicure, pedicure…Soon I familiarized myself with the process of cutting, filing, buffing, moisturizing cuticle with cream, soaking in warm water (my most favorite part),the most tasking works that follows thereafter all the way to applying polish (my second most favorite part)I still give myself mani and pedi cures regularly whenever I can’t hit the salon.

Back then, we had Dodwel. (I swear back then it was quality stuff, I don’t know what they have done to it these days). It worked just fine until I met the Luron little bottles family. When I was in high school, I would paint my toe nails a scarlet red. I used to wear green slippers, you know the Bata ones? Yeah, those. The stark contrast just made my toe nails magnificent. I promise you am not blowing my own trumpet. My toe nails have completely refused to work with any color but red.

in my stash


Fast forward to Uni. One day am shopping and I pick up this little gorgeous nail polish at the supermarket. The shade of red caught my eye and I had to pick it. It had no price sticker, or maybe I didn’t see it. Honestly, I didn’t expect it go beyond Kshs.150. So I get to the till and pay my bill, which is a bit higher than I expected. I think. I don’t pay much attention then. Then I sit in the mat on my way home and go through my receipt and holy molly!! 280! For nail polish! Suffice to say I gave myself a manicure the moment I got home. Between me and my nails, it was a happy expensive mistake. I use the word expensive very loosely. 😉

There’s just something about the flormar colors that makes them pop, and I have had quite a number of polish or cutex as many people call it ( don’t roll your eyes if you’re guilty) stroked on my nails. I wasn’t a fan of polishing my nails until I tried this brand. Especially the neon shades. The neon of Flormar shades completely agrees with the dictionary definition of the word me thinks. The sober colors are spectacular. Right now am rocking shade no.427 (looks like a blend of purple and grey to me) and of course red, no.321 on my toe nails.


Brand Bio
imagesThe world renowned Flormar cosmetics company was founded in Milan, Italy in 1970 and later moved production to Turkey in 1972. Its line of products include nail polish, lip stick, eye liners, eye lashes, beauty creams, accessories (brushes and the like), powders and much more. The companies industries are located in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. Exporting to 80 countries in 4 continents, it has an impressive 417 stores in the world. 5 of these are in Kenya in Nakumatt {Westgate, Junction, Mega, Galleria and Prestige}. Of course you will find stands in other leading supermarkets in the country *wink*.
This line I found on their corporate vision:
Gaining at least one loyal customer in every household by offering products that would make people happy.

Flormar, this you have achieved. Strictly speaking for myself only.

Go on now, give it a try. I promise you you won’t be disappointed.



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    irynkirwa said:
    January 20, 2015 at 1:53 am

    sure,red looks good on your nails.

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