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Blink blink blink…Type. Blink.
Blink blink blink…Type. Sigh.
Blink. Ok
When I was thinking about what a year 2014 has, sorry, had been, it occurred to me that it was rather extraordinary. Is there such a thing as sober happiness? Because that is what I felt when I ushered in 2015. Sure there was lotsa dancing, screaming, shouting and a cup of tea later (thank you, I was in church, thank God, and yes, I missed me a shot of sth or a cold tusker malt), but deep inside I was quite ….still. Yes. Still is the word am looking for. Still because some routine had come to an end.yr

You see, for the last 22 years, let’s make it less to take care of the years when numbers were not important to me. For the last couple of years, a new year meant I was always going back to school (read same institution). I was always a student. There are those of you who were lucky to work and study at the same time, or defer to focus on other dreams. I did the whole 8-4-4 system nonstop. *do we still say this?*

In 2014 I finished 8-4-4!!! Thank you Jesus!! Man, finally! I felt like lighting that bonfire they used to do with books over a bottle of wine. 8-4-4 feels like taking a long distance drive during the day. Safari za mchana huchosha {Daytime drives are tiring}. And the grace was sufficient. In the end, it was not the finishing that mattered, but that which preceded it.
2014 was a cruise of self-discovery. Read the rest of this entry »


Shocks and surprises of internship

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There is a popular expectation that a university should ultimately produce all rounded individuals. People who can express themselves proficiently, conduct themselves admirably and generally be responsible members of the society. You see, when a university has structures and a code of conduct, it’s easier to mold the brand of student that you want to release to the world rather than just having a booklet of rules and regulations that students violate with reckless abandon. I know you are reading this and thinking, hah! Here is another struck with that wishful disorder but I can assure you that is not the case; matter of fact, it couldn’t be far removed from the reality that is my situation. Read the rest of this entry »

The “Sina Change” syndrome

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Let me take a deep breathe first before I burst a vein or something crucial…*sigh*
I will have to take you back to exactly what happened this morning to help you understand why am so irked.

Moi university main campus is fortunate to have large tracts of land. Since I know most of you were not brought up on ranches, large tracts may not exactly mean anything to you. This campus sits on an impressive 3000 acres of prime land. Now, most campuses in this country exist in one building, with lots of stairs and maybe an elevator here and there. My campus has many buildings no doubt. Here is the thing, they are far apart from each other. Some hostels are as far as a kilometer from the classes.
I know what you are thinking. A kilometer only? Read the rest of this entry »