You will eat your words

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The weave: Windy by Expression.

“There’s so many weaves I think would look gorgeous on your head”

“You do realise you’re talking to a person with dreadlocks”


“I didn’t grow dreadlocks so I can cover them with a weave!” , “tsk”

“Nitahakikisha umeweka weave kwa hio kichwa yako”

“Seriously, chiq… One, I hate weaves. Two, it’s not like I have never tried them. Remember that time nikiwa first year I had one and then I undid it the morning of the next day? Eeh? ”

Why-the-hell-are-you-fighting-me-on-this-one look is thrown my way.

“Kwa nini unataka kunifanya { because I sense my will is being broken in this matter} niweke weave? Read the rest of this entry »